Amarillo Diagnostic Clinic Address, Fax Number, Staff

Since its founding, more than 50 years ago Amarillo Diagnostic Clinic provides high-quality health care for people living within the Texas Panhandle. Their staff and doctors specialize in adult sub-specialty and general treatment. Amarillo Clinic board-certified physicians offer the highest quality care to their patients.

Amarillo Diagnostic Clinic Amarillo Address/ Fax No

The address is

6700 W. 9th Ave.

Amarillo, TX 79106

Phone Number- 806 358 0200

Monday to Thursday

7:30 am to 5:30 pm

Friday– 7:30 am to 12 pm

Amarillo Diagnostic Clinic Services

They offer treatment for a variety of diseases disorders include

Abnormalities in the OrganAcute cold and Flu
Arthritis, Gout, and LupusBrain, Spinal CordNervous system Disorders
DiabetesHigh Blood Pressure
InfectionsIntestinal Disorders
Respiratory DisordersSleep Disorders

Comprehensive care women

Sexual health including sexual DysfunctionPerioperative Risk assessment
OsteoporosisVulvar Disease
Well Woman ExamsMidlife Hormone Management Therapy
Cardiovascular RiskPrevention Measures

Staff Specialities

Their staff are highly specialized in


They offer treatment for a wide variety of digestive Issues

Acid RefluxBulging Gaps in the Intestinal Tract
Inflammatory Bowel SyndromeLiver Diseases
Pancreatic Duct IssuesStomach Lining Inflammation

Infectious Disease

They offer treatment for infectious diseases

Antiviral Medications

Antifungal Medications

Antibiotics are taken by mouth

Internal Medicine

Internal medicine treatment option available

Acute ColdsCardiac Disease
High Blood PressureWomen Services


Amarillo Diagnostic Clinic offers diagnoses and treatment for diseases of the spinal cord, nervous system, and brain include


Nuclear Medicine

They offer nuclear medicine services for

Brain AbnormalitiesBone fractures and Infections
Diagnosis of Blood Cell DisordersEvaluation of spinal Fluid Leaking
Heart Disorders and DiseasesInflammationAbnormalities
Lung IssuesMeasuring Thyroid Function


They offer state of art Pulmonology services include

Cat Scans to detect the Lung Cancer CellChest Scanning to detect Lung Cancer, Tuberculosis, and Pneumonia
Nuclear lung scans to detect blood clots in th LungsPulmonary function testing
Ventilation and Perfusion Scans


In rheumatology, they offer diagnoses and treatments for

LupusJoints, Muscles, and Ligaments related disorders

Women’s Services

They offer patient consultations for

Sexual DysfunctionPerioperative Risk assessment
Cardiovascular RiskPrevention MeasuresMidlife Hormones management therapy
OsteoporosisVulvar Diseases
Well Woman Exams

Amarillo Diagnostic Clinic Staff

Amarillo Diagnostic Clinic Staff

Here we only mention doctors name and their specialties

Doctors NameSpecialties
Daniel Beggs, MDGastroenterology
Richard Ellington, MD”  “
Thomas Johnson, MD”   “
James Lusby, MD”    “
Joseph Carlisle, MDInfectious Diseases
Holly Mitchell, MDInternal Medicine
Adrian Pay, MDInternal Medicine
Joanna Wilson, DO”   “
Sean Milligan, MDNeurology
Bill Byrd, MDNuclear Medicine
Javier Dieguez, MDPulmonology
Timothy Mooring, MDPulmonology
Ming Chen, MDRheumatology
Kayla Williamson, ACNP-CAcute care Nurse Practioner
Kyla Beedy, FNP-CFamily Nurse Practioner
Lindsey Criss, ACNP-CNeurology
Alana Elmquist, GNP-CGerontological Nurse Practitioner
Tiffany Randle, FNP-CFamily Nurse Practioner
Ashley Roberts- FNP-CGastroenterology
Karlene Reid, M.D.Infectious Disease
Haq Nawaz, M.D.Advanced Endoscopy & Gastroenterology

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