Beaver Animal Clinic Address, Hours, Phone Number

Beaver Animal Clinic offers a full-service veterinary practice. They also take care of emergency patients, as well as urgent dental, medical and surgical issues. The clinic for animals is run by two of the doctors are Doctor. Peter Kosturek and Dr. Doug Knueven have experience in treating all sorts of conditions and treatments. Their team is always trying to provide an enjoyable and peaceful space for your pet’s relaxation.

Beaver Animal Clinic Address/ Hours

Beaver Animal Clinic Address

The address is

357 State Ave

Beaver, PA 15009

Phone Number- 724 774 8047

Fax Number- 724 774 5774

Office Hours

Monday to Thursday

9 am to 8 pm

Friday- 9 am to 5 pm

Saturday- 9 am to 3 pm

Sunday- Closed

Beaver Animal Clinic Services

Their services include


Emergency & Urgent Care

Types of Pets Seen

They are offering their services to many types of pets including

GerbilsGuinea Pigs

Beaver Animal Clinic Doctors or Providers

Beaver Animal Clinic Doctors

Their doctors or providers name

Dr. Doug Kuneven

Dr. Doug is the medical director of this animal clinic. Kuneven is a native of Cincinnati. In 1987 Dr. Doug completed his veterinary degree from Ohio State University. He operated many hospitals in the Beaver County area of Pennsylvania.

Since 1995 Dr. Doug is a member of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association. Kuneven is a writer of two books name is Stand by Me- A Holistic Hand-Book for animals and The holistic Health Guide for Dogs.

Dr. Doug improves his knowledge about the veterinary field by attending continuing education courses care.

Dr. Peter Losturek

At a very young age, Dr. Peter wants to become a Veterinarians. In 1978 Peter joined the University of Lubin school Veterinary medicine. Peter developed a special interest in small animals, Internal Medicine and Surgery.

Dr. Peter is recognized by the American Veterinary Medical Association commission for the education of Foreign Veterinary Graduates. In 2003 he completed a course on the area of dermatology and internal medicine.

Dr. Jessica Steed

Dr. Jessica is native to Center Township than she moved to Kentucky for college. During the College summer breaks, she works as a Veterinary technician at the Beaver Animal Clinic. In 2003 she completed her graduation from Ohio State University college of veterinary medicine.

Dr. Jessica is interested in Internal medicine and she also has the ability to perform abdominal Ultrasound.


Diana is a practice manager at this animal Clinic. In 2007, Diana is a graduate at Vet Tech Institute. Before joined this animal clinic she worked in an emergency veterinary hospital and also spend the last five years working at Pittsburgh University.


Debbie really loves animals. She worked as a Veterinary technician at this animal Clinic. She also loves educating people about their pets. In her home, she has 3 dogs, 7 cats, and 3 Fish.


Michele is a certified veterinary technician. In 2004 she completed her graduation. In her home, she has sweet orange care and Paisley.

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