Carolina Value Pet Care Phone Number, Services, Staff

Carolina Value Pet Care is a veterinary-operated mobile service for pet care located in Concord, NC. The Dr. Bob is the owner of the pet care. For over 40 years Dr. Bob has been actively engaged in the field of the field of veterinary medicine. The main objective of this pet care is to provide low-cost service for pet owners. If you have any questions contact us at 704-288-8620. For general inquiries, you can send an email to [email protected]

Monday to Friday

8 am to 5 pm

Carolina Value Pet Care Services

Carolina Value Pet Care

This per care main service is to offer affordable vaccines and preventative medication without high fees.

Canine Vaccine Packages

Canine Pack 1RabiesDistemperBordetella$50
Pack 2Rabies3 yr DistemperBordetella$65
Pack 3Lepto/ Bordetella3 Yr DistemperRabies$75

Feline Vaccine Packages

Feline Pack 11st Rabies3 yr FVRCP$50
Pack 23yr Rabies3 yr FVRCP$65
Pack 31 yr or 3 yr Rabies3yr FVRCPLeukemia$75

Individual Prices

Rabies 1 yr$12Rabies 1 yr$12
Rabies 3 Year$16Rabies 3 Year$16
3-year DHPP$373-year FVRCP$37
Bordetella$22Feline Leukemia$22
Canine Flu$31Microchip$33
Lepto Only$18FELV/FLV Test$36
Heartworm Test$25
Anal Glands$13

What They Don’t Do

This pet care not to offer a full veterinary services facility.

They do not perform a complete examination.

This pet care does not diagnose and treat medical problems.

They do not perform surgeries.

Carolina Value Pet Care Staff

Carolina Value Pet Care Staff

Their doctors and providers include

Catherine Le Roux

Catherine was born and grew up in the Brittany region of France. In 2012, her husband Dr. Bob started this clinic. Her husband is a member of the Carolina Value Petcare team.


Jennifer is a native of New Jersey. From Warren Wilson College in Swannanoa, she completed her graduation in Business Administration. For more than 25 years she worked in the accounting and management field. For 4 years she is a member of this per care team.


In 1986, Kris started working in the veterinary field. She completed her AAS degree from Gaston College Veterinary Medical Technology Program. In her free time, Kris loves to do sewing, reading, and Cooking.


Laura manages the Sales and Marketing for this pet care. She has 15 years of experience in business management, sales, and marketing team. In her free time, Laura loves to spend with her children and dogs.


Sonia really lives animals. In 1995 she completed her graduation from Great Bay College 1995 and certified as a registered veterinary technician. In 1997 she became a certified dog trainer. Before joined Carolina value Pet care she works in emergency medicine and Equine Practice.

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