Country Brook Animal Hospital Hours, Phone Number

Since 1987, Country Brook Animal Hospital Garland’s most trusted hospital for animals. For more than three decades, this animal hospital provides high-quality services for pets, cats and dogs of Garlands. Country Brook Hospital serves the garland community which includes Rowlett, Sachse, Richardson, Farmers Branch, Wylie, Dallas, Rockwall, Addison. The staff is sincere with their customers.

Country Brook Animal Hospital Hours/ Phone Number

Country Brook Animal Hospital

The address is

3046 Lavon Drive, Suite #136

Garland, TX 75040

Phone Number- 972 530 3951

Office Hours

Monday to Friday

7 am to 6:30 pm

Saturday- 7 am to 4 pm

Sunday- Closed

Country Brook Animal Hospital Services

Country Brook Animal Hospital

They offer services that include

Wellness careDental Care
Soft-Tissue SurgerySpay and Neuter
CardiologyHealth Certificates for Travel
Online PharmacyHospitalization
In-house laboratoryInternal Medicine
Pain ManagementAllergy Management
TonometryPreventive Medicine
Day time emergency CareEnd-of-life-care

Wellness Care

It includes

Physical ExamsVaccinations
Parasite PreventionDiagnostics

Dental Care

Some sign of Dental issues include

Inflamed GumsIrritability
Yellow/Browm residue along the lineBlood-tinged saliva
Drooling ExcessivelyPawing
Unable to eat foodRubbing their Mouth

Pet Allergies

Some signs of itchy Pets include

Inflamed EarsLoss of Hair
Scaly Patches of SkinRubbing at face and ears
Dry Patches of SkinHair Missing between the Toes
Red, Raw skin from Scratching and LickingLick granulomas

Emergency Pet Care

It includes

BluePearl Pet Hospital

4651 N Belt Line Road

Phone Number- 972 226 3377

Medvet Dallas

11333 N Central Expressway

Phone Number- 972 994 9110

Sings of Pet Emergency

Difficulty breathingChoking
Blunt-force traumaVehicle hit or crash
Ingested foreign objectsEaten something Poisonous
Uncontrollable bleedingInability to move or stand
SeizuresIncreased body temperature
Lost ConsciousnessExcessive Vomiting
Blood in stoolDifficulty to Pass stool or Urinate


They offer vaccines for Dogs and Cats

Dog VaccinesCat Vaccines

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