Family Pet Care Fort Worth Address, Hours, Phone Number

Family Pet Care provides a wide range of pet-related services in Fort Worth, TX, and in the surrounding areas. Family Pet Care is committed to providing the best quality of veterinary medicine, with professional and caring services. Their staff is on hand to answer any pet-related queries you can contact them at 817-451-7387.

Family Pet Care Fort Worth Address/ Hours

The address is

1501 Handley Dr (map)

Fort Worth, TX 76112

Phone Number- 817 451 7387

Fax Number- 817 446 3528

Office Hours

Monday to Friday

7 am to 7 pm

Saturday- 7 am to 1 pm

Sunday- Closed

Family Pet Care Services

Family Pet Care Fort Worth

Their services include


They offer dental services include

General AnesthesiaDental Scaling
PolishingFluoride Treatment
Antibiotic Injection


Diagnostic services include


Services include

Digital X-raysDiagnostic Capabilities
Healthy Senior Pet ScreeningConsultation Services


Ultrasound services include

Diagnostic CapabilitiesConsultation Services
Chronic Diseases MonitoringUltrasound-Guided Cystocentesis
Ultrasound-Guided Biopsies

MedRX Vetcope

The services include

Deep Ear CleaningConsultation Services
Diagnostic CapabilitiesTherapeutic Services
Otoscopic Capabilities


It includes Tonometry, Fluorescein Stain Test, Schirmer’s Tear Test.


Idexx Vet Test

I-state-Quick Blood Test


Outside Lab

Antech Laboratory

Specialized Testing


Here are some different types of services they offer for exotic family members.


Wing, BeakNail TrimsNutritionalBehavioral
Enviromental CounselingBoarding

Rabbits, Reptiles and Other Small Mammals

Annual Wellness ExamsDiagnostic Testing
Fecal ExamsDomesticInternational Health Certificates
Hospitalizations, MedicalSurgical TreatmentsMicrochipping
BoardingNail Trim


They offer grooming services include

Hair Cut of Your ChoiceBath
Nail TrimAnal Gland Expression


Their medical services include

Internal MedicineDermatology


For surgery, they offer Anesthesia, ECG, and Post-Surgery.


VaccinationsHeartworm Prevention
Dental CareNutritional Counseling
InternalIntestinal Parasites


They also offer boarding services.

Family Pet Care Doctors & Staff

Family Pet Care Doctors

Their doctors are

Dr. Morton

Dr. Morton grew up in the Dairy community. In 1990 from Texas A&M University he completed his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. In Texas, he becomes the first manager for Petsmart Veterinary Services where he managed several veterinary practices.

Dr. Morton’s professional interests include spay/neuter health services, providing technology, Vigilant attention to patient comfort and wellbeing.

Dr. Kimberlee Ward

Dr. Kimberlee belongs to Montgomery, Texas. In 2013 from Texas Tech University she completed her bachelor of science in Animal Science.


Ross University in 2018


Oklahoma State University.

Dr. Kimberlee is a mixed animal practitioner.

Dr. Scott Hammer

In 2020 Dr. Scott joined this Family Petcare. His birthplace is North Carolina. He completed his graduation from NC State College of Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. Scott’s professional interests include Combining non-traditional pet medicine with feline and canine medicine.

Their Staff

Chandra PryorPractice Manager
Heather HaarajaTechnician
Chelsea johnsonTechnician
Luther JohnsonGuest Services
Shannon Stam”   “
Frances FreemanGroomer
Kim DodgeClient Advocate
Martin NguyenReceptionist
Lindsey KidClient Advocate

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