Gulfgate Animal Hospital Hours, Phone Number

Gulfgate Animal Hospital is a veterinarian who treats animals like Dogs, Cats, and Small exotic mammals. The clinic offer annual wellness checks that which include eye exams & Ears, Heart & Lungs Joints, Abdomen, Joints urinary, Coat & Skin, Dental Health. The animal hospital is a privately-owned animal clinic situated in the greater east area. To find out more contact the clinic at 713 643 5723.

Gulfgate Animal Hospital Hours/ Phone Number

The address is

216 Winkler Dr. Houston

TX 77087, United States

Phone Number- 713 643 5723

Gulfgate Hospital Services

Their services include

Routine VaccinesParasite Testing and Control
HospitalizationDigital Radiography
On House Blood work and TestingDental scalingPolishing Under Anesthesia
General Surgeries

Gulfgate Animal Hospital Doctors

Gulfgate Animal Hospital Doctors

Their doctors include

1〉 Dr. Kathy Palmer

Dr. Kathy is a full-time veterinarian in this animal hospital. From LSU Dr. Kathy completed her Doctor of veterinary medicine. For more than 15 years Dr. Kathy practice in Houston.

2〉 Dr. Jaclyn Ong

From Texas A&M University Dr. Jaclyn completed her Veterinary degree. Dr. Jaclyn’s veterinary interests include Behavior and soft tissue surgery. She loves to play Tennis and Reading.

3〉 Dr. Yadira Rosas

Dr. Yadira works part-time at this animal hospital. Rosas completed her graduation from Texas A&M college of veterinary medicine. Dr. Yadira is fluent in both English and Spanish.


Teaching, Watching Movies

4〉 Dr. Emily Archer-Slone

From the Kansas State University College of veterinary medicine, Dr. Emily Completed her Veterinary Degree. In her free time, she enjoys biking and Bowling.

5〉 Dr. Kristina Leon

In May 2020, Dr. Kristina completed her Veterinary Degree. Dr. Leon is a native of the Houston area. Her veterinary interest includes Internal medicine and Feline Medicine. She really loves reading and Yoga.

6〉 Dr. Megan Rennie

Dr. Megan completed her Veterinary degree from Texas A&M University. She is a native of Richmond, TX.

Dr. Megan love to enjoy board games and Exercising.

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