Herschel Animal Clinic Jacksonville Address, Hours

Each pet should be treated like their own pet at Herschel Animal Clinic. They offer a wide range of pet care services in Jacksonville, Florida. These experienced veterinarians recommended everyone with their pet for annual preventative care with wellness exams, heartworm tests, parasite screening, and early detection lab tests are the main key to longer, healthier, and happier life for your pet. Herschel is recognized by the Jacksonville Magazine ‘Best Animal Hospital in Avondale/Riverside’, ‘Best animal hospital in Jacksonville’ by localbest.com.

Herschel Animal Clinic Jacksonville

Hershel Animal Clinic Jacksonville

The address is

4030 Herschel Street

Jacksonville, FL 32205

Phone Number- 904 204 1788

Office Hours

Monday to Friday

8 am to 5:30 pm

Saturday and Sunday- Closed

Jacksonville after-hours Pet Emergencies

275 Corporate Way #200

Orange Park, FL 32073

Phone Number- 904 264 8281

Herschel Animal Clinic Services

They offer services

Wellness Exams

During the pet exam their Veterinarians and Staff check

Listen to your pet’s heart for heart murmursListen to your pet’s Lungs
Examine your pet’s teeth and MouthEvaluate your pet’s eyes
Look into your pet’s earFeel the lymph nodes, Skin, and abdomen
Feel joints and musclesAdminister vaccinations
Screen for parasitesDiscuss heartworm, flea and tick, and parasite control
Recommend blood and lab tests


A vaccine can help your pet to live a longer life. It is the best weapon against many viral and bacterial infections in Pet. Vaccines are safe and well-tolerated by most pets.

Recommended Vaccines for Dogs

RabiesBordetella ‘Kennel Cough’
Canine HepatitisCanine Parvo
ParainfluenzaCanine Leptospirosis
Canine HepatitisDistemper

Recommended Vaccines for Cats

Canine FluBordetella ‘Kennel Cough’
Feline LeukemiaFeline Pneumonitis
RabiesFeline Rhinotracheitis

Puppy/Kitten and Senior  Pet care

Puppy & Kitten preventative care

Microchipping recommendationSuggestions on basic training
Heartworm PreventionInternal and external parasite Checks
Discussion of Spay/NeuterDiscussion of Proper Nutrition
Vaccinations and deworming as needed

Senior Care for Pets

Joint HealthDiet and Weight Management
Early disease detection bloodurine testsDental Maintenance
Diabetes ScreeningFunctions of Thyroid, Kidney, and Liver
Eye and vision healthPain Management Discussion

Early Detection Testing

Early detection testing help to find important information regarding

Kidney, Liver, and Heart Functions

Blood Sugar Levels

Red and White Blood Cell Counts

Platelet Counts

Other services include

Parasite Prevention & Control

Nutritional Counseling

Pet Pharmacy & Retail Store


Pet Allergies and Dermatology

Dental Care

Pain Management


Pet Emergency Services

Herschel Animal Clinic Doctors & Providers

Their doctors & provider include

Dr. David Qualls

Dr. David Qualls

In 2019 Dr. David joined the Herschel Animal Clinic. From the University of Florida, he completed his graduation in a bachelor of science in Agriculture and doctor of veterinary medicine. Dr. David has a special interest in Opthalmology, dermatology, laser surgery, Behavioral, and pet nutrition.


American Veterinary Medical Association

Florida Veterinary Medical Association

Jacksonville Veterinary Medical Society

Dr. Suzanne Boston

Dr. Suzanne Boston

Dr. Suzanne completed her graduation from the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine. Suzanne Boston has a special interest in Small animal preventive care, Nutrition, behavior.

Dr.Barbara Kempf

Hershel Animal Clinic Doctors

Dr. Barbara completed her graduation from Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Barbara enjoys pet dentistry and Feline Medicine and also has a love for Canine Medicine as well. Dr. Barbara loves hiking and camping in her free time.

Dr. Amy Sherman- Doctor of Herschel animal clinic

Hershel Animal Clinic Doctors

To Study Microbiology Dr. Amy attended the University of Florida. In 2007 she completed her graduation from the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine. Amy completed her internship at a Specialty and Emergency hospital in Southern Florida.

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