Larchmont Animal Clinic Los Angeles Address, Hours

Larchmont Animal Clinic Larchmont Animal Clinic a full service small animal veterinarian clinic. They offer complete medical, surgical, and dental treatment for their patients. By conducting tests in-house they offer a wide range tests for diagnosing. The animal clinic’s facilities include Digital radiographs, Surgery Suite, well-stocked pharmacy. Larchmont Animal Clinic is certified by the American Animal Hospital Association. Their primary aim is to offer the best quality of surgeries and medicine using Compassion.

Larchmont Animal Clinic Los Angeles Address/ Hours

The address is

Los Angeles, CA 90004

Phone Number- 323 873 2910

Email- [email protected]

Office Hours

Monday to Friday

8 am to 6 pm

Saturday- 8 am to 4 pm

Sunday- Closed

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Larchmont Animal Clinic Services

Larchmont Animal Clinic Services

They offer services include

Pet Exams and Wellness Plans

In Pet exam they check

Base of TailEyes
Coat, Skin, and NailsLymph Nodes and Thyroid Glands


They offer vaccines for Dogs and Cats

Dog Vaccines

LeptospirosisCanine Distemper Virus
Canine ParvovirusInfection Canine Hepatitis
Kennel CoughRabies

Cat Vaccines

Feline Calicivirus Herpes Virus
Feline Infectious EnteritisRabies
Feline Leukemia Virus

Pet Dental Care

Pet Dental Services include

Dental Cleaning


Dental X-rays

Polishing and Fluoride Treatment

Oral/ Dental Exam

Pet Surgery

Their surgical services include

Spay/ NeuterLacerations/ Abscesses
Tumor RemovalOrthopedic
Abdominal SurgeryEar and Eye Surgeries
ReproductiveOral or Periodontal Dental Surgery


Nowadays, Microchipping is a popular way to find your missing Pet.

Emergency Care

Larchmont Animal Clinic treat a wide variety of pet Problems and conditions include

Infections and DiseaseIntestinal, UTI, Worms, Flea and Tick
Fractures and WoundsBites, Lesions, Abrasions
Trauma & Injury
Skin ProblemsInfections, Lick Granulomas, Hot Spots
General Pain ProblemsStrains, Sprains, and Stiffness

Pet Pharmacy

They offer a fully stocked Pharmacy to their patients.

Laser Therapy

Using Laser Therapy to treat the

Ear InfectionsFractures and Wounds
Dental ProceduresSkin Problems
Post Surgery Pain include (Spays, Neuters, and Declaws)General pain Management
Treatment of arthritis, Degenerative Joint Disease

Other Services Include

Nutritional Counseling & Diet

Diagnostic, Radiology and Laboratory Services


Spay & Neuter



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Larchmont Animal Clinic Doctors/ Providers

Larchmont Animal Clinic Doctors

Their Doctors or Providers Include

Jan Ciganek, DVM

Dr. Jan is the owner of the Animal Clinic. In 1973 he completed his graduation from the University of Minnesota. He completed his internship at Bergh Memorial Hospital. Dr. Jan is a supporter of Various local schools and Organizations.


American Association of Feline Practitioners.

Vanessa Aberman, DVM

Dr. Vanessa is a native of Los Angeles. For more than 20 years she practicing Veterinary medicine. For 12 years she is the Medical Director of Veterinary Practice in San Fernando Valley. In 2011 she decide to become a boarded specialist in Canine and Feline Practice. Dr. Vanessa has a special interest in Internal medicine, Dentistry, and Team Education.

Susy Horowitz, DVM

Since 1990 Dr. Susy works in Larchmont Animal Clinic. From the University of California at Davis, she completed her bachelor’s degree. Dr. Susy completed her Veterinary Medicine in 1991 at Virginia-Maryland College. In her free time, she loves photography and Scuba diving.

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