Maple Knoll Vet Clinic Waupun Address, Hours

Maple Knoll Vet Clinic We are pleased to offer the wide range of pet care services available to Waupun, WI. Waupun, WI and surrounding areas. Their staff is committed to provide the best level of service with compassion. The staff of this clinic will take care of your pet as if it were they would their pet. If you have any questions regarding their services, please contact them at 920 324 9623.

Maple Knoll Vet Clinic Waupun Address/ Hours

The address is

95 South Harris Avenue (map)

Waupun, WI 53963

Phone Number- 920 324 9623

Office Hours

Monday to Friday

8 am to 5 pm

Saturday and Sunday- Closed

Maple Knoll Vet Clinic Services

Maple Knoll Vet Clinic

Their services include

Internal Medicine and Diagnostics

Diagnostics can include

Physical ExaminationBlood Testing
UrinalysisFecal Testing for Parasites
X-rays and Ultrasound

Surgical Procedures

Laser DeclawMass Removals
LacerationsEar Surgery
Eye SurgeryOrthopedics
Lap SpayGastropexy


Imaging include


X-ray are not painfull

It can be usually done with little anesthesia


Non-invasive diagnostic tool

It is often better than x-rays for diagnosing and many conditions.

Other Services include

Preventive Care and Wellness

Laparoscopy and Endoscopy


Laser Therapy

Maple Knoll Vet Clinic Medical Staff

Maple Knoll Vet Clinic Medical Staff

Their medical staff include

Dr. Julie

Dr. Julie is passionate about Pets and Padding. She has a good surgical skills.


Sheri work as a veterinary technician at this vet clinic. She lived with her husband and daughter on a Hobby farm in the town of Ripon. She has a three daughter name is Rachel, Megan and Stephanie. Sheri completed her Veterinary technician degree from MATC in Madison.


Michelle work as a Veterinary Assistant at this vet clinic. She lived with her husband Allen, two boys name is Christopher and Collin along with 5 cats, 3 dogs and 3 horses. For more than 7 years she work as a Veterinary Assistant at the vet clinic.


Casie also work as a Veterinary assistant at this animal Clinic. She is a native of Beaver Dam, WI. Since her childhood she is very passionate about small and big animals. She completed her high school from Beaver Dam High School.


Kate is a veterinary support staff. Currently she lived in Beaver Dam with her husband Lonnie and three children name is Azzy, Ashley and Dylan. Kate is a native of Verona, WI. She is a big animal lover. She has a many pets throughout her life include Cats, Dogs, Rabbits, snakes, Turtle and Guinea Pig. Kate love to spend her free time with her family and friends.

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