Pendleton Veterinary Clinic Hours, Address, Phone Number

In 1947 in 1947, Dr. Russel Whiteford started the Pendleton Veterinary Clinic. In 1947, this clinic was the first veterinary clinic. The veterinarian clinic provides smaller animal medical, surgical dental radiology, dentistry as well as boarding and 24 hour emergency services. This clinic offers treatments to different types of animals like Wild bird and Raptors with the hopes of rehabilitation. Their hospital facilities include high-tech digital x-ray equipment and boarding facilities. They also have a small animal pharmacy.

Pendleton Veterinary Clinic Hours/ Address

The address is

625 SW Emigram ave (map)

Pendleton, OR 97801

Phone Number- 541 276 3141

Office Hours

Monday to Friday

8 am to 5:30 pm

Pendleton Veterinary Clinic Services

Their services include

Diagnostic Services

Digital X-rayParasite Testing
Gram StainingSpecific DiseaseCondition Testing

Surgical Services

Ophthalmic SurgerySoft Tissue surgery
Orthopedic SurgeryDental Surgery

Wellness Services

Annual ExaminationsVaccinations
Geriatric CareDVM Supervised Boarding
Doggy DaycareMicrochipping

Specialized Veterinary Equipment

Digital X-rayRigid & Flexible Endoscope
TonopenAdvanced orthopedic Surgical Suite
Blood Pressure MonitorECG
Pulse OxUltrasound Machine

Pendleton Veterinary Clinic Doctors or Providers

 Pendleton Veterinary Clinic

Their doctors or providers include

Dr. Hillenbrand

Dr. Hillenbrand originally belongs to great Britain. Fiona completed her Doctor of a veterinary degree from Oregon State University. In Great Britain, she is also qualified as a member of the Royal college of veterinary Surgeon. Dr. Hillenbrand’s special interests include small animal medicine, especially endocrine disease. Since 2006 she works at this veterinary clinic.


Snowshoeing, Horseback riding, and Hiking.

Dr. Yackley

In 1998, Dr. Katie completed her bachelor of science in Animal Science. From Washington State University Dr. Yackley completed her doctor of veterinary medicine in 2001. She also completed her master’s of preventive veterinary medicine at California university. Dr. Katie’s professional interests include internal medicine, Epidemiology, and Dermatology.

Dr. Panata

Dr. Barbara native of Minnesota and in 2001 she moved to Walla Walla. In 2008 she completed her bachelor Washington State University. Dr. Panata professional interests include Clinical Pathology and Canine Behavior. She is fluent in Spanish.

Dr. Bryant

Dr. Bryant was born and grew up in Portland Oregon. In 2013 Dr. Bryant completed her bachelor of science in Biology from Randolph College. From Virginia-Maryland Regional college she completed her DVM. Dr. Bryant has a professional interest in dermatology, radiology, and Surgery.

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