Rialto Animal Hospital Hours, Phone Number, Doctors

In 1959, Rialto Animal Hospital has begun its pet-care journey to provide pet care. Rialto Hospital for Animals is well-established, full-service smaller animal clinic. Rialto Hospital offers Routine, dental, and surgical medical care for their patients. They also provide individualized care for their patients. Animal Hospital offers facility include Digital Whole Body X-Ray, Digital Dental Care, the hospital has a fully-stocked pharmacy and surgery rooms. For more information on their services for pet care contact them at 909-875 6161.

Rialto Animal Hospital Hours/ Phone Number

Rialto Animal Hospital Hours

The address is

1480 North Ayala Drive (map)

Rialto, CA 92376 US

Phone Number- 909 875 6161

Fax Number- 909 875 3825

Office Hours

Monday to Friday

7 am to 7 pm

Saturday- 7 am to 5 pm

Sunday- Closed

Rialto Animal Hospital Services

They offer services that include

Diagnostic ServicesTherapeutic ServicesPreventive Health Care Services
Surgical ServicesSpaying and Neutering
AnesthesiaInternal Medicine Consults
Radiology ServicesUltrasonography
Electrocardiography ServicesDentistry
Permanent IdentificationPharmacy
Individualized FleaTick Control ProgramDietary Counseling
Behavioral CounselingBoarding
BathingEmergency Care

Pet Emergencies conditions include

TraumaActive Bleeding
SuspectedDifficulty Breathing
Blue or Pale Gum ColorDifficulty Urinating
CollapseLoss of ConsciousnessSeizures
Difficulty Giving BirthEye Injuries
Possible Broken BonesAny Suspected Poisoning
Bloody DiarrheaPersistent Vomiting

Rialto Animal Hospital Doctors

Rialto Animal Hospital Doctors

Their doctors include

1〉 Dr. Jeffrey A. Creswell

Dr. Jeffrey’s native place in Iowa.

Veterinary Degree

Iowa State University College of veterinary medicine in 1981.

In February 1982 Dr. Jeffrey joined this animal hospital as a full-time veterinary doctor.


Golfing, Reading

2〉 Dr. Shannon T. Juarez

At her very young age, Dr. Shannon wants to become a veterinary doctor.

Undergraduate and Master Degree in Animal Science

California University

Veterinary Degree

Western University of Health Science


Camping, Swimming, Cycling

3〉 Dr. Heidi Schoer

Dr. Heidi really loves animals and want to become a veterinarian since her childhood.

Undergraduate Degree

In 2006 from Cal Poly, Pomona

Veterinary Degree

University of Minnesota

Dr. Schoer’s veterinary interests include Internal Medicine.

4〉 Dr. Andrea Wolf

From the University of Minnesota, Dr. Andrea completed her Veterinary Degree.

Professional Interests

Internal medicine, Surgery, Dentistry,


Hiking, Swimming, and Cycling

5〉 Dr. Scott Creswell

Dr. Scott is the son of Dr. Creswell. He completed his veterinary degree from Western University of Veterinary medicine.

In his free time, Dr. Scott loves to do Hiking, Playing Basketball.

6〉 Dr. Kailey Beckman

Dr. Kailey belongs to Temecula, CA. From the U.C Davis, she completed her Bachelor’s science.

Veterinary Degree

Western University of Health Science

Dr. Kailey veterinary interests include Feline Medicine and Surgery

7〉 Dr. Katherine Fishbach

In June 2020 Dr. Katherine joined the Rialto Animal Hospital. She was born in Los Angeles.

Undergraduate Degree

Washington University

Dr. Katherine’s area of interests includes Opthalmology, exotic Pets.

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