Sacramento Community Clinic Sacramento, Address, Doctors

Sacramento Community Clinic is a non-profit public benefit corporation licensed in 2003. It provides quality health care to low-income patients and is designed as an FQHC-LA.

Current days 7 Sacramento community Clinic is operated by the HALO. That serves as medical homes for approximately 30,000 individuals and over 10,000 monthly encounters. They partner with many organizations to provide professional and compassionate health. Sacramento Community Clinic’s main mission is to provide the highest quality care to their patients.

Sacramento Community Clinic Sacramento Address/ Hours

Sacramento Community Clinic Address

They have 10 locations

1〉 Southgate

7275 E Southgate Drive, Suite 204-206

Sacramento, CA 95823

P- 916 642 1867

F-844 491 6066

This location offered Primary Care Service

2〉 Del Paso

2200 Del Paso Blvd

Sacramento, CA 95815

P- 916 642 1867

F-844 491 6066

Services- Behavioral Health, Obgyn, CPSP

3〉 Assembly Court

5524 Assembly Court

Sacramento, CA 95823

This location offered services include

Dentistry, Behavioral Health, Chiropractic Care and Podiatry

4〉 Del Paso Dental

2138 Del Paso Blvd

Sacramento, CA 95815

P- 916 642 1867

F-844 491 6066

Dental- 916 642 1890

This location offers only one service is Dentistry Services.

5〉 Explorer

3030 Explorer Drive

Sacramento, Ca 95827

Explorer branch offer services include

Dermatology, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Dental, Medical, and Behavioral Health.

6〉 B Teri Burns Clinic

3301 Fong Ranch Road

Sacramento, Ca 95834-1719

P- 916 642 1867

F-844 491 6066

Services- Primary Care

7〉 Southgate Dental

7275 E. Southgate Drive, Suite 106

Sacramento, CA 95823

P- 916 642 1867

F-844 491 6066

Southgate Dental offers dentistry services.

8〉 Watt Dental

4986 Watt Ave.

North Highlands, CA 95660

P- 916 642 1867

F-844 491 6066

Offered Dentistry services.

9〉 EI Camino

965 El Camino Ave (Coming Soon)

Sacramento, CA 95815

10〉 55th Clinic

7215 55th St. (Coming soon)

Sacramento, CA 95823

P- 916 642 1867

F-844 491 6066

Sacramento Community Clinic Services

Sacramento Community Clinic Address

Their services include

Behavioral Health



Immediate Care




Primary Care


Sacramento Community Clinic Employment

They are very dedicated to their employee and they providing a safe and satisfying work environment while Providing competitive compensation and benefits. Their Benefits Package include

Medical and Dental PlansLife Insurance
401 (k) and Profit SharingAccidental Death and Dismemberment
Paid VacationsSick Leave (Paid)
Paid HolidaysGym Membership
Voluntary Identity ProtectionVision Plan (Voluntary)
Voluntary Legal Protection

Sacramento Community Clinic Programs & Chronic Disease

Their programs and Chronic Disease Management services include

1〉 Programs

Substance Abuse Cessation ServicesFamily Planning Access Care Treatment
Navigator Support ServicesViolence Prevention Support Services
Comprehensive Perinatal ProgramMultilingual Wellness Education Services
They also offer a Sliding Fee Scale

2〉 Management Support services for Chronic Disease

HypertensionHigh Cholesterol
DiabetesHeart Disease
Tobacco CessationBehavioral Health
Cancer Screening

Sacramento Community Clinic Doctors/Providers

Sacramento Community Clinic Doctors

Their Doctors name include

1〉 Robert C. Hamilton

Dr. Robert works in Sacramento, CA. Hamilton is specialized in Chiropractors.


Dr. Joy is specialized in Family medicine and Nurse Practitioners.

3〉 Ian Robert Johnson, MD

In 1989 Dr. Robert graduate from the Sunny Upstate Medical University College of Medicine.

Ian treated conditions like Hair loss, Endometriosis, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, Bipolar Disorder, Glaucoma, Chronic Renal Disease, and many more conditions. Ian Robert is specialized in Addiction Medicine and Family Medicine.

4〉 ARNECIA Lewis-Smith

Arnecia work in Woodland, CA. Specialized in Nurse Practioner and Family Medicine.

5〉 Nghi C. Maokhamphiou

Nghi is affiliated with Sutter Medical Center Sacramento.

6〉 Michael Chay Moua, MD

In 2010 Dr. Michael Completed his graduation from the Saba University School of Medicine.

Dr. Michael performed Procedures like Skin Tags Removal, Hearing Evaluation, Nutrition Therapy, Psychological and Neuropsychological Tests, Premalignant Skin Lesions.

7〉 Tina Benavente Ramos

Tina is a Nurse Practitioner and Family Medicine Practitioner. Ramos is affiliated with Sutter Medical Center Sacramento.

8〉 Shannon Patrice Turner

Dr. Shannon is specialized in Family Medicine.

9〉 Mary Vhu, MD

Dr. Mary Vhu works in Sacramento and family medicine Specialized.

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