Safeway Hours- Pharmacy Hours, Holiday & Sunday Hours

The Safeway in your neighborhood is a great place to shop for bread and other grocery needs. You’ll find everything from fresh produce, meat counters with cuts of all sorts available, pharmacy lines that are always busy during hectic times like flu season or when someone gets sick at work (or home), Western Union services if you need cash quick but don’t want to leave without picking up something else while you wait–and so much more! The hours here can be confusing because there really isn’t one single “Safeway” store throughout America; instead we have separate chains run by different corporations under this name: some may offer fewer product lineups than others due their location constraints such as size limitations on shelves space per.

Safeway Hours 

Safeway Hours

In the United States Safeway has more than 1300 locations. All locations are Run by the Independent Franchise Owner. North California and Hawaii have 266 locations, Southern California and Nevada has 273 stores, 28 Stores in Alaska, and 107 Stores in Texas. Safeway most of the stores are run by the Independent Franchise Owner so the store hours fully vary on the Store Locations. But Most of the Safeway stores open 14 Hours a Day. Below We mention.

Monday6 am to 10 pm
Tuesday6 am to 10 pm
Wednesday6 am to 10 pm
Thursday6 am to 10 pm
Friday6 am to 10 pm
Saturday6 am to 10 pm
Sunday6 am to 10 pm

To know more exact Hours related information you can visit the Official site Here.

Safeway Pharmacy Hours

They also offer medicine to their Customers. Safeway has many pharmacy stores in the United States. Most of the Pharmacy stores follow the same timetable. Below we mention the Pharmacy Hours.

Monday9 am to 1:15 pm2 pm to 8 pm
Tuesday9 am to 8 pm
Wednesday9 am to 8 pm
Thursday9 am to 8 pm
Friday9 am to 8 pm
Saturday9 am to 5 pm
Sunday10 am to 5 pm

Most of the Pharmacy locations open 11 hours a day. Pharmacy Hours also vary on the Store location. You can visit the Official Site.

Safeway Holiday Hours

Below mention holidays Safeway opens almost all stores.

New Year EveningColumbus Day
Veteran’s DayLabor Day
Mother’s DayCinco de Mayo
Easter MondayPresident’s Day
Memorial DayChristmas Evening
Mardi GrasBlack Friday
Valentines DayHalloween
Tax DayGood Friday
St. Patricks DayFather’s Day

Safeway Holiday Hours | Close

Almost all Safeway stores close their door following the Holidays.

Thanksgiving DayChristmas Day
Easter Sunday

To know more exact hours information you can call your nearest Safeway store.

Safeway Hours Near Me

As we already mention Safeway has more than 1400 stores in the United States. To find you’re near Safeway stores you can use the official Safeway store Locator. I the Store locator you just put your zip code and city. It will show you near Safeway stores with many pieces of information like Phone Number, Location Hours.

Offer & Discount

On many holidays and special occasions, they offer in Products. During the offer, you can buy many things at a very low price.

Contact Information

Safeway Customer care support Center

M.S. 10501 P.O. Box 29093

Phoenix, AZ 85038

Ph Number- 877 723 392

Public Affairs Departments

250 E. Parkcenter Blvd.

Boise, ID 83706

Ph Number- 208 395 4722

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below we mention some frequently asked questions and answers

Is Safeway open on memorial Day 2021?

Yes, this supermarket will be open on Memorial Day.

What is the Safeway Christmas Hours?

On Christmas day most of the Safeway locations Close their Door. Only a few locations are Open. Before visit your near Safeway store. You must call them to your near location.

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