Salina Family Dental Clinic Address, Hours, Doctors

Salina Family Dental Clinic is a non-profit community health care clinic that provides a variety of medical services. They offer restorative, preventative, diagnostic, services, and some major services. The Salina family dental clinic also maintains a staff of several therapists, personal assistants, dentists. They support economically disadvantaged people.

Salina Family Dental Address/ Hours

Salina Family Dental

The address is

651 E Prescott Road

Salina, KS- 67401

Phone Number- 785 826 9017

Office Hours

Monday to Thursday

8 am to 6 pm

Friday- 8 am to 12 pm

Saturday and Sunday- Closed

Salina Family Dental Services 

They offer services include

Preventative Dental care

Routine Check-upsX-raysCleaning
Fluoride TreatmentDental Sealants
Oral Health EducationWell baby dental Checks

Comprehensive Dental Care

Deep CleaningsPartial DenturesComplete Dentures
Crown & BridgeRoot Canal Therapy

Emergency Dental Care

Treatments for infections and Dental Pain

Emergency Examinations

Emergency Extractions

Salina Family Dental Doctors/ Providers

Salina Family Dental Doctors

Their doctors or providers include

Charles Abbick, DDS

Dr. Charles is a child dentist. Abbick completed his graduation from the University of Missouri in Summa Cum Laude. Charles’s clinical interests include extractions, Pediatric Dentistry, and restorative dentistry. In 2016 he receive an Excellence in Community Service Award.

Shelly Bushnell, RDH

Dr. Shelly belongs to Pratt. She completed her degree in dentistry from the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Dr. Shelly’s professional interest includes dental anxiety, completing challenging prophy cases.

Megan Honas RDH, ECP 

Dr. Megan is a native of Lodge. Honas receive her degree at Wichita State University. Megan’s dental interest includes working with Kids and wants to build a relationship with her patients.

Nitender Kumar, DDS

Dr. Nitender was born and grew up in North India. Kumar completed her graduation with high honors from the University of Buffalo School of Dental Medicine. He can speak four languages including Hindi, English, Punjabi, and Haryanvi.

Alyse Lambert, RDH, ECP

Dr. Alyse loves to build a relationship with her patients. She completed her Dentist degree from Colby Community College. After completing her degree she receives her ECP II license.

Faraz N. Memon, DMD

Dr. Faraz originally from Karachi. From the Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine, he receives his dental medicine degree.

Dr. Faraz’s professional interests include Endodontics, Operative Dentistry, Oral Surgery, Digital Dentistry, Fixed Prosthodontics.

Michelle Nunes, DDS

Dr. Michelle belongs to South California. Nunes completed her dental degree and B.A. from the Missouri University- Kansas City School of Dentistry. Since 2010 Michelle is a member of the salina Family Dental Health care Team.

Haley Sherwood, RDS, ECP

During her childhood, Dr. Haley wants to become a  Dental Hygienist. Dr. Haley completed her degree from Wichita State University.

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